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Anyone can skim coat your driveway with asphalt today and be gone tomorrow. EK Service Inc. would like to consult with you and explain the difference between a quality driveway that will last the life of the home rather than one to last 4 - 5 years before it begins breaking up.


Parking lot and streets are a significant cost to those installing them. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure they are installed properly. EK Service Inc. uses the latest equipment, our laser guided paver insures proper and uniform depth of material so you can be confident that the job is done right.


EK Service Inc. patching service is the best in the business. There are times when a driveway or parking lot is in excellent condition with the exception of a few bad sections here or there. Rather than bear the cost of repaving the entire area, you can simply excavate the bad areas and repave them. We have a crew dedicated to just providing patching services throughtout the midstate area.


In addition to parking lot and driveway patching, EK Service Inc. also does ditchline paving for utility contractors. Through the use of our milling machine and patch paver we are able to pave ditchline in the most efficient way possible. We not only support our own utility installation crews with this service but we also have done ditchline paving for other contractors and public utilities. Perhaps on your next project, allow EK Service Inc. to show you how our patching could save you time and money.


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